Why Choose Us


Our proven record of accomplishments shows that we are a respectable company in Cyprus.

We ensure that all the works are done with utmost professionalism using high quality materials while we always offer to the clients the support they need.


We commit ourselves to finish the projects within the time period set by the client. We always look in front for new tools and technologies, ensuring that all works are done quickly without leaving any details behind.


We always want the best for our employees and for that reason we are constantly Investing in our team. Our team attends in various seminars and training sessions So that we can ensure the highest quality in every project.

About Us

M Fast Renovations and Constructions Ltd is a company founded on one and only keystone: “To satisfy the client needs”. To achieve that, our company developed a specific set of skills: quality excellence using high-quality materials, competitive pricing and timely completion of projects.

During the past decade M Fast Renovations and Constructions Ltd has achieved remarkable growth, and today, is one of the most established and leading construction firms in Cyprus.

Our promise as a contractor is to satisfy the customer at all costs.